Tenant Background Checks

Securing the right tenants for each property is key and can save the owner thousands of dollars in the long run. SkillSourceUSA does an extensive background check, reviewing a prospective tenant’s financial, rental, employment and criminal (Megan’s law) history. Our comprehensive background check services offer everything you need to feel confident in choosing the right tenant. When thinking of background checks, we are conditioned to think that it’s only for uncovering negative material. We feel that the point to screening tenants is to find the right fit for your rental home. So be prepared to see positive information that will help you feel comfortable and confident with your rental decision, now and into the future.

Services We offer

Identity verification

Credit reporting from all 3 bureaus

Eviction and skipped resident history

Utility debt tracing

Education and employment verification

National and statewide sex offender registry search

Business benefits

Avoid problem renters, leading to a lengthy eviction process battle

Protect your finances

Create safer communities