Rent Roll Accounting, Collection Oversight and Reporting

Tenant management is a monumental task and a major aspect of ensuring that the rent is collected in a timely manner. There can be several reasons for late rent payment and they can be deliberate or circumstantial. SkillSourceUSA’s rent collection services focuses on working out a solution with your customer, always giving high priority to the protection of tenant relationship.

Courtesy call, SMS or reminder emails / letters to tenants for failing to keep their commitment

Help secure online payments from tenants

Active calling if tenant is late on rent payment

Coordinate 3-day notice posting sent to tenants for late payments and notify owners

Facilitate online payments through credit / debit cards and / or checking accounts

Improved overall cash flow management, timely and accessible financial information to the decision makers

Consolidated reporting to help keep tabs on the cost and expenditures of each property

Bolster the balance sheet and reduce chances of bad debts significantly

Disputes over late or non-payment of rent can be very difficult and emotional when the communication is directly between the owner and the tenant. We can often diffuse these difficult situations leading to a mutually satisfactory solution