Bill Payment

When it comes to payment solutions, the age old problems of excessive costs, complex integrations, unsecured channels and multiple vendor issues are no longer the norm. There are achievable solutions that effectively address these issues. We at SkillSourceUSA ensure that we streamline your process and decrease the turnaround time from bill generation to bill payment. We provide useful electronic bill-pay communication solutions to prevent harming customer relationships.  These solutions are easy to use, convenient, comprehensive and secure.

Services We offer

Invoice consolidation & verification

Submission and remittance

Bill correction and removing discrepancies

Online bill payments made in a timely manner

Business benefits

Direct control over the timing and amount of payment (compared to auto debit)

Simplified bill payment processing and retention of records

Flexibility of reviewing and paying bills 24 hours per day

Reduction of cost in terms of paper filing and physical storage

Significant reduction in billing and payment processing expenditure

Improved overall cash flow management, providing timely and accessible records

Consolidated reporting to help keep tabs on the billing expenditure of each property