Claims Processing

"Skillsource optimizes your entire claims process! Be it Airlines with critical Baggage Claims or decisive Insurance/Medical Claims, we cover the entire range of claims processing services."

"The way you do business has changed. Increased operational costs are eating into profits and the need of the hour is to be quicker and leaner. Organizations look to Skillsource when outsourcing their in-house services like claims processing to bring in efficiencies and improve service levels, all the while, keeping costs under control.

About Skillsource: Skillsource is a seasoned claims processing servicer. Our brand conscious airline customers have entrusted their sensitive process of handling baggage claims to us. We have access to critical passenger data, verify all claims in detail by engaging with passengers using several means of communication. We resolve these claims to the benefit of our clients and their customers in the most cost effective way possible. For our airline clients it has been a purely delightful experience knowing that they can trust Skillsource with this task. Claims, can be a process that nobody wishes to deal with and could be a source of irritation for a company.

On the same token , with the advent of social media, the way a company deals with claims could turn out to be a make or break situation. We understand this and being mindful of the importance of a successful resolution we keep our focus on. Letting us handle this very sensitive process, our clients have transformed a delicate situation into a positive one of brand building with excellent overall customer satisfaction.

Our accuracy in handling claims has been exemplary and our client list, of the leading airlines in the world is a testimony to that. Over the years we have adopted best practices and tools to ensure that turnaround times, for a processed claim reduces significantly with added accuracy. Partnering with Skillsource will provide you with the competitive edge you are looking for. We customize our offerings based on our client's needs, adapting to their business model, at the same time, keeping it flexible to suit outsourcing requirements. This enables us to adapt and handle one of the most stringent and critical processes in the industry.

We cover all aspects of your process. Starting with data entry, claim set up and claim validation to customer correspondence and settlement. A successful claims processing service is one which has less number of iterations. Our experienced staff ensures thorough examination of every claim that comes in ,applying global best business practices.

Benefits of outsourcing your claims process to SkillSource are:

  • Increased accuracy and data validity - zero errors.
  • Data and information security using firewalls and technology.
  • Speed up processing; improve KPI's and customer experience.
  • Data entry, Imaging and OCR support for your worldwide operations.
  • Round the clock operational support for faster processing.

Our Services:

  • Baggage claims
  • Insurance claims
  • Medical Claims
  • Help Desk Service

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