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The Evolution of Call Centers
Call centers, as a business function, have been around for a while; however, the concept of call centers has evolved considerably over the years. Businesses no longer think of call centers as just another, nice-to-have department, but a universally recognised, vital component of customer communications. Simply put, an organisation's survival hinges on a twin-pronged strategy-Retention and Acquisition-retain existing customers and continuously acquire new ones.

The other aspect of evolution is that companies increasingly recognise the call center job, whether telemarketing, customer service, or lead generation, to be a specialist function; a function best co-sourced to experts who ensure that the customer-relationship manifesto is conceptualised and implemented in sync with the overall business vision. Skill Source is a forerunner in this arena, having predicted the emerging trends in its early stages.

Skill Source: Your Preferred Call Center
At Skill Source, we create systematic methods to tailor delivery mechanisms to a client's specific, internal and external ecosystem. This is only one of the many reasons why you should be speaking with us when you are looking for just about any call center service.

Our extensive experience covers global customers and a diverse portfolio, irrespective of size, industry, vertical, and target markets. It encompasses Travel and Airlines, Financial services & Merchant Processing, IT & Software Development, Insurance, Manufacturing & Engineering, Real Estate & Mortgage, Medical & Pharmacy, Academics & Training, and Media & Retail.

It's this industry-agnostic relevance that arms us with the confidence to achieve your goals, no matter how complex or big your process is.

Skill Source: Our Call Center Services

Inbound Call Center Services

Our customers' perception is our reality! 

Our inbound call center services focus on optimizing your customers' experiences of dealing with your business, thereby maximizing revenues and minimizing operating costs. Our ability to quickly absorb the nuances of your business model to make it the DNA of our operating procedures is where we score over regular, vanilla call centers.

Outbound Call Center Services

Reaching out is reaching up to success! 

Today's market dynamics rouse companies from their complacent reliance on inbound enquiries from prospects. Business is out there. It's essential to design a bespoke outreach program that scans a wider threshold area for potential customers and a sharp communication pitch that draws your customers in to try your services.

At Skill Source, our call center services are supported by a dynamic team that can get you a foot in the door and can take the heavy weight of cold calling off your shoulders.

Our specialization in B2B and B2C outbound services enables a business to reach its full potential.  Our domain knowledge, campaign management expertise and outbound sales agent experience together, create a powerful sales machine for your business. Two months of working with us and your current challenge of 'o I get more sales' will change to 'How do I handle this influx of enquiries'. Now, isn't that upgrade in the value chain a welcHow dome change?

Our services are customized to your situation and our agents work in close collaboration, much like an extension of your business.

  • - Technical Helpdesk
  • - Telemarketing
  • - Lead Generation
  • - Campaign Management
  • - Social Media Services
  • - Appointment Setting
  • - Customer Care Helpdesk
  • - Chat Support

Your decision to partner with SkillSource could be a game changing one. By doing so you will add not only more value to your existing customers, but also a surge of new customers to your business.

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