Appointment Setting

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"We at Skillsource help you optimize your sales performance!"

As a Business, CEO, or Sales Head, hasn't it been your dream to have a full calendar, with back-to-back sales presentations and the opportunity to make money? Wouldn't it be delightful if you could maximize your gains by more sales visits and by reaching out to a wider customer base? Whether you're a start-up or an established business, it invariably takes a while to build that busy schedule. Sales, is a cyclic process that involves marketing, cold calling, making appointments, and finally, making a sales pitch. All these activities involve time, money, and effort. It makes great business sense to choose partners who can do some of these activities for you so that you have enough time in hand to concentrate on the main activity: sales. This is not only time saving and cost effective, but also ensures that you reach out to more customers. It frees your sales team from spending time on calling and setting appointments and gives them more time to go out and sell!

Skillsource brings to you the Appointment Setter-an intelligently designed, reliable B2B and B2C outbound call center service that does exactly what the name suggests, sets appointments! We work from a database provided by you or built through cold calling and do the work of marketing your product to the target audience. Our appointment setting services can be used globally, across varied industries and big or small businesses. Whatever the size of your business, we will help you reach out to your customers and set the context for a sales meeting. We are a partner of choice for many businesses across the globe and have helped these businesses achieve their full potential over the years. Our customizable and proven service runs round the clock, with dedicated resources and seasoned campaigners to market, cold call, set appointments, and confirm or cancel appointments; thus giving you the luxury of closing the deal with ease! In Skillsource, you have a world class service provider with more than a decade's experience in appointment setting and marketing. Over the years, we have served clients from North and South America, Asia Pacific, and Europe with a high success rate. Skillsource does not rely on a pre-recorded, robotic service, but on capable, trained, highly motivated, and experienced executives to do the job for you.

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